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  1.        Same Diamonds, Different Prices?


As we work with suppliers internationally, prices can vary for some diamonds of the same quality. Plus, each diamond is unique and has its own characteristics. While the certification may be the same or the colour, clarity other details may be the same prices can vary of the diamonds due to their internal nature and where they are sourced from.


  1.        Where do your diamonds come from?


Our diamonds are sourced from the manufacturers globally


  1.        What is fluorescence?


Diamond fluorescence, in its most simple form, is the effect that ultraviolet (UV) light has on a diamond. When you stand under a blue-light or ultraviolet light, sometimes you can see your whites get brighter or your teeth appear to glow.


This is the same effect the diamond has under the UV rays. Fluorescence is the visible light that a diamond emits when it is exposed to the UV rays.


In very rare cases, the stones may look milky or hazy. Fluorescence does not lay an effect on the beauty or sparkle of the diamond by any means.


Contact our advisors if you have concerns about this.



  1.        Can I cancel an order?


If you wish to cancel your order, then reach out to us directly on our email (info@deluxediamond.com) . Our team will guide you from thereon.


  1.        Do you sell natural diamonds?


Yes all our diamonds are natural, however, we also have the option of choosing a lab-grown diamonds too


  1.        How can I confirm that you are selling error-free diamonds?


The diamonds we have on the website are purchased from legit sources and there is no funding conflict in between. We guarantee that our diamonds are conflict-free and we claim this based on our knowledge and/or guarantees given in writing.


  1.        What clarity grades are taken into consideration to be eye-clean?


That really depends on the lab the diamond is certified from, for instance:


GIA certified diamonds between VVS1 - VS2 are eye clean with SI1 & SI2 also sometimes being eye clean, speak to our team for assurances of eye clean SI.


Other lab Diamonds such as IGI, HRD, EGL diamonds, VVS1- VS1 eye clean whereas VS2 and SI1 can be eye-clean but has less chance of being so. However please get in touch with our team for assurances on eye-clean.


  1.        Can diamond viewing be arranged?


We can arrange the viewing for your diamond if it is in stock. Or when it arrives, when ordered before having to set it in jewellery.


  1.        Some rings require CAD processing. Why is this?


It’s because we need to measure the exact proportions before casting, if we do it after the piece is cast then it will be expensive and a difficult task to do.


  1.    Do you provide services for bespoke Commissions?


Yes, we happily do that, contact our sales team for more information.


  1.    What are your lead times?


Most of our items require approx. 15 working days while some pieces may take up to 6 weeks. If you have a date in mind, please get in touch with our team and we will do our best to accommodate you.


  1.    Can I add an engraving to the ring/s?


Engraving comes at £35 per ring. Maximum characters you can engrave on a ring are 20 characters, with a variety of fonts available. If you wish to take a look at the font list, you can contact our team and they shall guide you accordingly.


  1.    What metals do you use?


White, Rose, and Yellow Gold in 18k or 9k, Platinum/Palladium.


  1.    What metals can be plated?


All jewellery can be plated.


  1.    Why does White gold lose its colour?


 White gold is plated with rhodium, which is part of the platinum family, giving it a unique shining appearance as white gold is darker and duller naturally. Therefore, we recommend to re-plate your white gold engagement ring occasionally, when you see the colour is beginning to fade or go away.


  1.    What difference does Platinum and White gold have apart from prices?



When these metals, platinum, and white gold are produced they look the same. However, platinum is denser, therefore, it feels heavier and while platinum is prone to scratches, white gold needs to be replaced every now and then.


  1.    How long does resize take?


It takes approx 10-15 (working days) starting from the day we receive your item.



  1.    What if I accidentally order the inappropriate ring size?


That’s not a concern. The first resize that you ask for will always be free of charge if you return it within 30 days of your exchange policy.


You can visit our showroom to have the correct measurement taken or check by a local jeweler then send the ring to us.



  1.    Do you order free delivery?


Yes, we do. In fact, we offer free worldwide shipping (on all orders).


  1.    Do I require an appointment for collections of my order/s?


Yes, you do. You need to contact us to set up an appointment for your collection/s.


  1.    Do I need an appointment for resizing?


Yes, you do. You need to contact us to book you an appointment for your resize.


  1.    How do I track my order?


When your order has been dispatched, we will email you with the tracking number plus online link - through this, you can easily track your order.


  1.    Will the packaging be discreet?


All our items have discreet packaging – we have that covered for you.


  1.    How is the parcel delivered?


All the items and orders are sent via Royal Mail - to the UK and if the delivery is overseas, FedEx.

Will the delivery be insured?

Yes, they are fully insured and until they reach your delivery address and we receive your signature.


  1.    Can you have it shipped to a different address?


Yes, we can. Although, if the item is purchased through PayPal this cannot be done.


  1.    How long does the delivery take?


Within the UK, all items are delivered through a next day delivery service, Europe takes 1-2 days and for overseas or other parts of the world it is usually 2-4 days but it depends on the country and often there are custom clearances involved that increases the number of days.





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