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Terms & Conditions

How We abide by, Our Terms and Conditions:


The company AL KAREEM JEWELLERS LTD T/A DELUXE DIAMOND. While “you” are considered as being a “client/customer”.


Any transaction you make through this website, including the use, is subject to the terms and conditions mentioned below. It is important to note that an order placed in any method (such as over the phone or instore) will have these terms being applied. 


You are advised to read through the Terms & Conditions with focus before you begin using this website. Your use of our site will indicate that you comply with our terms and conditions.


We hold the right to reform these Terms and Conditions at any given time. In such a condition, the change will take effect as soon as they are listed. Therefore, you are liable to read through Terms & Conditions before placing an order through our website or otherwise. Your continued usage of the site implies that you accept to be subject to the latest Terms and Conditions. When and if you choose to purchase something from us, then that purchase will follow the Terms and Conditions listed at the time when you made the purchase.


Since you are using our website, you agree to the fact that we will process and store your personal data in strict accordance with our Privacy Policy. 


Therefore, it is necessary that these policies are read along with any privacy notice or other notices that we may upload on the website, so you are aware of your personal data’s use.



Your Orders


On the order confirmation page (when you order), you will be shown the final details of it so you can review them. You can then place your order which will be followed by a confirmation email from us, indicating that your order has been received. 



Product Availability, Payment methods and ID


ID Verification


We may take help from an ID verification agency to verify your ID (If required). Therefore, it is important that accurate information is provided. We reserve a right to cancel your order in case of wrong information provided. We may check your details for fraud if needed.


If you have questions or complaints, please email us at info@deluxediamond.com



Substitutes & Availability


Products are subject to availability. If we are unable to meet an order, you will be informed of this and we will provide you with a substitute of equal quality, or greater. In such a circumstance, you will have the option of either accepting the substitute or receiving a full refund of the sum you paid for the products.




Prices listed on our website will have to be paid for your orders (at the time of your order). Although we try our best to prevent pricing errors, sometimes errors can occur. Our prices are verified (Second Time) upon confirmation of an order, and if the goods’ correct price is less than the stated price, we will charge the lower amount when the goods are received by you. 


In an event where the price is more than what you have paid, our team shall notify you of the difference. Which you are then provided with a choice to either accept or request for a full refund.


Your payments are processed through our service providers when you enter your payment details.


Prices include VAT (unless otherwise stated) at the current rates but do not include delivery charges (unless otherwise stated). Delivery charges shall be confirmed once the order is placed and you are responsible for the charges. The Title of the order shall be passed on to you on the delivery of the item with the condition of we having the payment received in full.


At any time, before the dispatch confirmation, we reserve a right to terminate the order due to the unavailability or otherwise, after which you shall receive a full refund within a period of 14 days to your nominated account or your way of initial payment method. Please note all refunds will be made the way they are paid for initially.


Please note we are unable to make cash refunds.


You agree to compensate us in all the costs incurred in receiving the payments from you if the payment does not come to us (it includes payment services providers in case of failed payments).




The times for delivery and the timescales are specified when an order is placed. We do our best to deliver the order in the estimated time given to you at the time of dispatch. However, delays may occur due to unforeseen circumstances, which we are not liable for (Such as delay from the delivery company). Orders can be collected in-store (Please book an appointment), proof of your identity may be required.


You are liable for any damages or loss of the products after the delivery has been received.


A delivery address will be required when placing an order for delivery and a signature will be required when receiving. If a delivery attempt is failed, the goods will be held for approximately 5 days by the delivery agency. You must collect the goods or re-arrange delivery with the delivery service (you will receive an unsuccessful delivery attempt card – showing you details of where to collect or re-arrange delivery). Goods will be returned to us if not collected within that time, after which you may collect your order from our store. If a refund is requested, delivery charges will not be refunded.



Your rights as a consumer (Returns & Exchanges)


Cancellation & Returns


Products with a value of greater than £25,000 will have a return window of 14 days from the day of goods received. While a 30-day window will be applicable for goods below or equal to the value of £25,000.


Please note goods/items viewed in store or collected in-store will not qualify for returns. Additionally, items made as customized pieces (Bespoke) will not qualify for returns.


Earrings are not returnable due to hygienic reasons.


You are liable to pay for the cost of delivery when you return goods to us. It is advised that you utilize the services of an insured delivery company/agency to safeguard yourself in case of theft or loss of goods. We will not be responsible for goods damaged or lost when an order is sent from you (Customer) to us for any servicing or returns. 


If you cancel an order, it must be given to us in writing via email (info@deluxediamond.com). The goods should be delivered to us as soon as possible but no longer than 5-7 working days, at your own expense. The goods returned should be in its original condition, unused. In case of damage, we will reduce your refund and cut the cost of the damage to the product from your original amount as we deem appropriate to cover the cost of damages.


 Exceptions to your cancellation rights


In these cases, you will not have the right to cancel your contract:


  1. Goods have been customized. 
  2. A piece/stone you have seen online then picked from the showroom
  3. Or viewed in our showroom and purchased.


The above does not affect your statutory rights.



We try our best to process your refund as soon as possible, usually within 14 days (if it is according to our clauses). We will refund the amount in full unless it has been damaged by you.


You are responsible for the goods being returned to us. 


Items must be returned in with all its documents and accompanying certifications. If the certificate is not returned a charge of £300 plus VAT will occur for a replacement certification. 


If items are deemed to be used by our team upon inspection, we shall deduct the amount we deem correct that represents the value lost due to usage, we may also reject a refund.


In a case where the goods delivered to you are faulty or damaged or not the ones you ordered then we will replace/repair your goods or provide you with the correct one.


All the returns are subject to anti-fraud verification and authentication by us. The purchased items personalized for you are not refundable. In accordance with health and safety concerns, earrings cannot be returned. We are not responsible for loss or damage of return shipments.


All our goods have a life-time warranty from defects against the manufacturing and workmanship faults, however, they are not applicable to extreme wear and tear and abuse or physical damage. This includes accidental or otherwise.


When you accept the delivery, the protection and safety come under you (the customer), and from thereon, we are not responsible for any loss or theft to your good/s.


If the jewellery is tampered with or changed by the customer, then your lifetime warranty will be nullified, and so will the return policy. The item will be, therefore, non-refundable & non-returnable.



Your responsibility in case of return


Note: We are not responsible for the loss or damage to goods during transit. Keep all the proofs of documentation (of insurance) with you. 


You must email us for any returns that you wish to make before arranging a return.


Even though the sizes of our jewellery are approximate, we try our best to make them accurate. If you are unaware of your ring size, we will design it as a standard size. Correct size can then be provided to us after the proposal or when you have one. FIRST RESIZING IS FREE OF CHARGE.


Besides bespoke, all the rings are FREE TO RESIZE WITHIN 30 DAYS (of purchase). 


Goods will remain our property until you pay for them.


Some rings cannot be resized, they may have to be remade (which we will notify you about). So each ring will be assessed before the resizing. The rings that have been resized may not be resized again, as this may damage the ring’s integrity. (Contact our advisors)


For ring resizing costs after the 30-day period please get in touch with us.


The goods that are available for dispatch or left with us for more than 90 days, even though our team has been trying to contact the customer, will not be returned or refunded.


Our liability


We are not liable for the loss of the profits that occur from failure to follow these terms & conditions and not for the loss or damage that comes from our failure on the event that involves you. 


From our terms and conditions, these instances do not exclude or limit the liability for:


  1. Death/injury by our negligence
  2. Fraud misrepresentation
  3. Other attempts, in those which would be illegal for us to exclude our liability from


We will try our best to verify the information on our website, but we do not assure that the goods will always reach on time or be free from errors or that the site is free from viruses. We do not accept any kind of liability if you have suffered some damage from actions taken from the website.


Apart from what is provided in the terms and conditions (warranties and claims), we are excluded from them in accordance with the law.


Events that we do not control


We are not to be held responsible for any failure to perform our duties under the contract that is the cause of an outside event or is out of our control. Such as strikes, industrial action, terrorist attack, war, fire, flood, earthquake, natural disaster, unusable routes of railway, shipping, transport, unusable telecommunication networks, actions by the government, and an epidemic.


Our performance in the case of these events is suspended as long as it continues. We will try our best to find a solution to it, though.


Your intellectual property


The content of our website cannot be copied or shared or distributed or downloaded except for personal use. All the materials provided are under copyright, trademarks, and are a part of our intellectual property. It cannot be commercially used. 


You cannot use anything from our website to use our intellectual property without it being specifically stated by us to you (in written). 



When you bespoke or make customized goods from us, then you accept that the intellectual property belongs to us. Unless we specifically state, we do not allow you to have the right to copy or make substitutes of the good. 


Viruses, hacking


You must not try to hack or inject our website with any type of virus or other material that may harm the site. You cannot gain unauthorized access to the website or our server. 


If you go against the clause stated above, you will be held accountable under the criminal law associated with hacking. We will undoubtedly report you to the authorities, and we will reveal your identity to them. 





If any of the terms listed in these terms and conditions are proven by the court to be invalid and illegal, then it will be severed (for that term), and the remaining will proceed to be valid (till the law allows).


The terms and conditions go above our previous discussions or contracts related to a matter


Both of us agree that any liability is not limited by any clause (for fraud) 


Law and the jurisdiction 


Contracts for purchase (through our website) and any issues arising on this subject are set out in accordance with the English law. 


Third-party rights


The person who is not part of the contract will not have any rights under the law.




Are you sure want to cancel?